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Become a Distributor and start making money selling advertising spaces. It’s easy!

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What you earn:

We’re now offering an exciting new revenue share program for all our Distributors. This revenue share model gives you, the Distributor, up to £40 for every time a person buys an advertising space off our community directory.

The people we are targeting:

Selling advertising space is in an effort to keep up with the high demand of ordinary people trying to start and advertise their micro businesses like the once below.



Baking cakes for others                       Dog walking
Local handyman service                      Mowing someone’s lawn
Cleaning someone’s house                  Musical lessons
Start cooking classes                          Photographer
Ironing                                               Do someone’s laundry
General helper                                   PC computer helper
Admin worker for businesses             Admin helper
Doing garden maintenance                 Cookery lessons
Photos and video editor tutoring         Teach guitar lessons  


What you need to do:

1. You need to register and get your unique promotional code.
2. Print 1 x A4 sheet from your account (hobbies leaflet in marketing tools) – see example

3. Talk for 4 minutes about Community directory.

4. Sell advertisement spaces off our community directory

5. Watch the £160 roll in to your Account.


Add this up


Bought out


Click here and register - Join our distribution team delivering business leaflets locally.

No cash outlay and no experience needed.


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